Seagirt Summer Tourney 2010

Barony of Seagirt

August 20-22, 2010

Last updated Aug 16, 2010

Come One! Come All! Come to the Seagirt Summer Tourney! Everyone is invited!
Please join Their Excellencies, Baron Ming and Baroness Elina as Seagirtians compete for Championships in Heavy, Rapier and Archery.
There will also be a Youth Combat Tourney and an Arts and Sciences contest.
And for added fun, we will be hosting the one and only Amelia Huntsman Memorial Tourney (because she is going to die LOTS and it will be memorable)!
Oh! And there will be an auction!

HL Morgaine Essex (Dawn Sharcott), 1879 Kings Rd
Victoria BC, V8R 2P2
250-592-0940 hm or 250-888-6008 cell

Site Info: Camp Barnard, 3130 Young Lake, Sooke, BC V0S 1N0


Camping (CAD)
Adult $15
13-18yrs $10
12yrs & under FREE


An extra $10 per person

Day trip (CAD)
Adult $8
13-18yrs $5
12yrs & under FREE

Non-member surcharge ($5) applies for adults staying for the weekend. Make cheques payable to the Barony of Seagirt.

Underage children coming without their parents must have forms signed by their parents designating an accompanying adult as their guardian before coming to the event.
The forms can be found here:

Anyone without the proper paperwork will not be allowed on site.
Sorry, rules is rules.

Site rules:

No pets allowed. This is a Scout Canada rule and will be inforced. The Camp Ranger WILL be monitoring.


All merchants are welcome! No added merchanting fees!


Heavy Combat

The plan for the Heavy tournament is a Valhalla.
Two 20 min bouts with a 10 min (max) break in between. Then possibly a best two out of three final.

The jyst of the Valhalla is that a random initial fight order is picked. The winner of the first bout holds the field and the looser goes into the holding pen (Valhalla). The remaining fighters then engage the first fighter until either he wins all fights (bought over) or he looses. If he looses all fighters who entered Valhalla are released back to the fighting line and the looser enters Valhalla. This continues until there is a winner or 20 min expires.

If the time expires the fighter with the most individual victories wins the bout.

The second bout is fought same as the first.

In the event that the two bouts are won by different fighters the final will be a best two of three after a 5-10 min break.

Rapier Combat

A bear pit tourney of approx. 40 min with a 5 min break - keeping wounds, double kills destructive with no score, plus a twist.

The twist is that there is a pool of secondaries (cane, dagger, cloak, etc) that people can pick from as they near the front of the line. After the fight, the fighters switch secondaries and the winner holds the field with his/her new off-hand secondary.

The two fighters with the most kills at time end will fight best 2 of 3 for the win.

So, if fighter A holds the pit and has a dagger, while fighter B challenges with a cane, and fighter A wins: Fighter A now holds the field with a cane, and fighter B leaves the field and puts the dagger back into the pool. The front-of-line fighter C now picks a secondary from the pool and challenges fighter A. And so on.

If we have enough people, we may run more than one pit concurrently.


Archery will be run as a major event. It will include combat archery* as well as target. Everyone will shoot combat arrows (no armour required)
*subject to change

Added bonuses!

Arts and Sciences

Instead of the traditional 'On Site Favour', we are doing an 'On Site FLAVOUR'. Create a dish by using the local ON SITE flora and fauna.

I have created a list of edible plants found at Camp Barnard for you to help. Yes, some plants are not period, but create the dish in a period manner. If your recipe calls for a protein, please DO NOT hunt the local WILDLIFE!!!! Substitutions for proteins are acceptable!!! Chicken can be bunnies!! Please, also respect the site and do NOT destroy the forest and land. Take only what you need, which should be very small. All plants are safe to consume and are pesticide/herbicide free.

If you are interested in creating the ON SITE FLAVOUR, please contact Lady Alezzandra and she will give you the list of plants to choose from. It gives you time to think about what you wish to create.

Thank you, have fun, create and learn something new, above all, RESPECT our land!!!!

The range will be open most of the day, exept during the competition, with time set aside for children and youth to shoot. Please bring your own equipment if you have it.
The schedule will be posted at the event


4:00 p.m. Site opens

10:00 am Opening Court
11:00 am Archery
1:00 pm Rapier
3:00 pm Youth Combat
4:00 pm Heavy
6:00 pm Presentation of On Site Flavour Contest
7:00 pm Auction!

11:00 am Amelia Huntsman Memorial Tourney
1:00 pm Closing Court
3:00 pm Site Closes


From Lower Mainland -
Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay ferry. Pat Bay highway #17 toward Victoria. West (Right) on Mackenzie. Right (North) onto the Trans Canada Hwy. Colwood exit (North) onto highway #14, which becomes Sooke Road. About 30 minutes to Sooke - In Sooke, Right onto Otter Point Road. Right on Young Lake Road. Straight at crossroads into site.

From Port Angeles -
Take the MV Coho ferry. At the terminal exit turn left onto Belleville Road, Left on Douglas St., which becomes the Trans Canada Hwy. Follow instructions above.

From up Island -
After Malahat, take Millstream Rd/Veteran's Memorial Parkway exit. Go right (West) at exit ramp lights, follow to Sooke Road. Turn right (North) onto Sooke Road; follow instructions above.